The Muffs

Happy Birthday To Me


Kim Shattuck, vocals, guitar
Ronnie Barnett, bass, vocals
Roy McDonald, drums, vocals


The Muffs

Featured Tracks

"That Awful Man"
"Outer Space"
"Where Only I Could Go"




Crush Me
That Awful Man
All Blue Baby
My Crazy Afternoon
Is It All Okay?
Outer Space
I'm A Dick
Where Only I Could Go
Upside Down
You And Your Parrot
Keep Holding Me
The Best Time Around

Comments from Kim:
We finally decided on the title and it's a title that I thought up (That's a first for me for album titles). It's going to be called "Happy Birthday To Me." I guess I'll have to elicit a kiss from myself now. I'm really relieved that it's settled now because it became so tedious trying to squeeze a title out of everything that anybody ever said, funny or not. The artwork is cool. It's hard to describe. You'll just have to wait. There are 15 songs on the album and the first 3 are under 2 minutes long but they're full songs with intro,verse, chorus,verse,chorus, bridge,solo,bridge,chorus, repeat so I really don't understand how they turned out to be so short. I think it's a good thing though and the album DOES clock in at around 35 minutes.

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