The Muffs

New Love

Sympathy For The Record Industry 121, 1991


Ronnie Barnet, / Bass, Vocals

 Criss Crass, / Drums, Vocals

 Kim Shattuck, / Lead Vocal, Lead Guitar

 Melanie Vammen / Rhythm Guitar, Vocals


Recorded and Mixed by Bill Bartell and the Muffs for Sizzler Productions.
Engineered by Pat Fear.
Additional Engineering by Steve Robertson and Daryl.
Recorded at SRO Studios, Fontana, Ca. May '91.

Front cover photo by Vicki Berndt.
Back cover photos by C.L. Whiteside.
Muffs logo by Chris Cooper.

Songs by Kim © Copyright 1991.
Except "You Lied to Me" (J. Glorsetti).
All songs arranged by the Muffs

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