The Muffs

Au-go-go ANDA-142, 1991


Ronnie Barnet Bass

Criss Crass Drums/Vocals/Maraccas

Kim Shattuck Lead Guitar/Vocals

Melanie Vammen Rhythm Guitar/Vocals


Recorded and mixed by Bill Bartell + The Muffs for Sizzler Productions
Engineered by Pat Fear
Additional Engineering by Steve Robertson + Darryl
Photo by C.L. Whitshoe/Layout by Autist Inc.
Both songs by Kim Shattuck © 1991
All songs arranged by The Muffs
Recorded at SRO Studios, Fontana, CA 5/91
Dave Van B. didn't show up

Selected Features

  • The front cover
  • The back cover
  • The lyrics (as far as I can understand them!)

Non-selectable list features should be added soon.

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