The Muffs on AOL's Cyber-Chat - May 5, 1997

(courtesy Jim Whyte)

> RDukeOfURL:   hi everyone
> RDukeOfURL:   we're here with kim & ronnie from
> WeDaMuffs:    What's up all?
> RDukeOfURL:   ask your questions now!
> RDukeOfURL:   by the way the band has a new record coming out on may 20
> WeDaMuffs:    Yeah, ask us anything. Our lives are like open books.
> RDukeOfURL:   what's it called, kim?
> WeDaMuffs:    Happy Birthday to Me.
> RDukeOfURL:   from acrobat21
> Question:     You guys produced this album without any outside help. What were
> the benefits and what
> Question:     were the drawbacks of doing it this way?
> WeDaMuffs:    We were the bosses. That was the best. But we also had to be
> discplined. ugh, that was hard.
> RDukeOfURL:   from piper631
> Question:     What groups would you like to tour with ? Aside from the Spice
> Girls.
> WeDaMuffs:    Yuck
> WeDaMuffs:    M
> WeDaMuffs:    Ronnie says Rush
> WeDaMuffs:    I like Redd Kross!
> WeDaMuffs:    I being Kim
> RDukeOfURL:   from acrobat21
> Question:     Where's Roy??!!?!?!?
> WeDaMuffs:    At home Jaying it.
> RDukeOfURL:   from pinkertn7
> Question:     any tour info?
> WeDaMuffs:    For sure a headlining tour in July. Maybe before, we're not sure.
> RDukeOfURL:   from macfarb
> Question:     So ,what happened with "Romy& Michelle" ,Kim?
> WeDaMuffs:    It was cut out. I'm really glad cuz it was a really dumb movie.
> RDukeOfURL:   from ktutu7737
> Question:     what kinda guitars do u use?
> WeDaMuffs:    A 70s Gretsch Beast. Ronnie uses a Fender precision which is the
> RDukeOfURL:   from cabecky91
> Question:     kim, do you sing with an accent on part of "all blue baby"?
> WeDaMuffs:    Yeah, a german accent. I wanted to sound like Col. Klink.
> RDukeOfURL:   from misalabam
> Question:     What is your relationship with Green Day?
> WeDaMuffs:    We screw them.
> RDukeOfURL:   from eideva
> Question:     What will be the first single off Happy Birthday to Me?
> WeDaMuffs:    Ask Reprise.
> WeDaMuffs:    Whatever "marshalls" them over.
> RDukeOfURL:   from tcs126
> Question:     Do you consider you're music ground breaking or what?
> WeDaMuffs:    No
> RDukeOfURL:   from jazzycell
> Question:     I you had a pet chicken would you eat chicken meat?
> WeDaMuffs:    I have a pet cat. I eat cat meat.
> RDukeOfURL:   from eideva
> Question:     Will you guys be touring solo, or along with any other bands?
> WeDaMuffs:    We don't know yet. But Ronnie is doing a solo tour ala Hasil
> Adkins. You know, cymbals between his
> WeDaMuffs:    knees.
> RDukeOfURL:   from gidgetgrr
> Question:     Anything to comment on when you toured w/ Veruca Salt (mmm, Louise
> Post.....)
> WeDaMuffs:    Yeah...mmmmmmmmmmmm Luscious Louise.
> RDukeOfURL:   from eideva
> Question:     Any more movies in your future? To play on or act in?
> WeDaMuffs:     May 9th that Robin Williams/Billy Crystal movie called Fathers
> Day.
> RDukeOfURL:   from pickboy65
> Question:     so "agony" was referring to melanie, and so is "i'm a dick"-are you
> two still talking or
> Question:     were those songs written same time?
> WeDaMuffs:    Written at a different time, taken from the same subject matter.
> She hates us, we LOVE her.
> RDukeOfURL:   from ninapas
> Question:     What do you like to do in your off time?
> WeDaMuffs:    Watch TV, do nothing, fart
> WeDaMuffs:    Ronnie just farted and it smells really bad.
> RDukeOfURL:   from regidunlo
> Question:     Kim.... How do you keep your voice from going out!?
> WeDaMuffs:    It seems like the more I sing and scream, the better my voice is.
> It only goes out when I'm sick.
> RDukeOfURL:   from tcs126
> Question:     Other than the Spice Girls ,who has been youre main influence in
> you're music?
> WeDaMuffs:    Are you obsessed with the Spice girls?
> RDukeOfURL:   from smith6867
> Question:     Will the new CD sound different?
> RDukeOfURL:   the new cd is called "happy b-day to me" and will be out may 20
> WeDaMuffs:    It sounds more like we do live, so its slightly different.
> RDukeOfURL:   from macfarb
> Question:     Which of you own or have access to a computer/internet?
> WeDaMuffs:    Kim
> RDukeOfURL:   from tlkshwher
> Question:     Why did you change what you look like, I saw a picture of you 2
> years ago and then now
> WeDaMuffs:    Huh?
> RDukeOfURL:   from ktutu7737
> Question:     how can i get an autograph
> WeDaMuffs:    Come to our shows and ask us.
> RDukeOfURL:   from acrobat21
> Question:     How many of your songs are going to be on the soundtrack for
> "Father's Day"?
> WeDaMuffs:    There is no soundtrack, but 3 of them are in the film.
> RDukeOfURL:   from pickboy65
> Question:     so is "father's day" worth seeing billy crystal? be honest.
> WeDaMuffs:    We haven't seen it yet. But honestly, if we weren't in it, I'm not
> sure I would.
> RDukeOfURL:   from cabecky91
> Question:     kim-who is a better action figure, he-man or she-ra?
> WeDaMuffs:    We express complete ignorance on this subject.
> RDukeOfURL:   from starry23
> Question:     In San Francisco recently, another boy made an ass of himself by ges
> turing at you
> Question:     sexually, kim. have you ever just flung down your guitar and walked
> off the stage over this?
> WeDaMuffs:    No way, we just either verbally abuse the offender, or we beat the
> shit out of him.
> RDukeOfURL:   that doesnt sound good
> RDukeOfURL:   from regidunlo
> Question:     what is your favorite song to perform live?
> WeDaMuffs:    It changes all the time, but right now I like Red eyed Troll.
> RDukeOfURL:   from eideva
> Question:     If you could live in any TV show fictional world, which would it
> be?
> WeDaMuffs:    Bewitched! So we can blink ourselves into money.
> RDukeOfURL:   from tjmac66
> Question:     How come you guys are so awesome?
> RDukeOfURL:   yeah how come?
> WeDaMuffs:    Well, because......Thanks
> RDukeOfURL:   from pickboy65
> Question:     rumor has it you used to cover the rezillos' "head kicked in
> tonight" -is it recorded
> Question:     anywhere?
> WeDaMuffs:    No.Thank God. It was only performed very sloppy live.
> RDukeOfURL:   from rex dakot
> Question:     kim.....gotta new man yet?
> WeDaMuffs:    No....Mr. Scott from Velouria!
> RDukeOfURL:   from tcs126
> Question:     If you guys were animals what would you be?(besides Spice Girls)
> WeDaMuffs:    Gorillas, so we can scratch ourselves and jump on luggage.
> RDukeOfURL:   from racolby
> Question:     Kim, what songwriters inspire you lately?
> WeDaMuffs:    Kimmy Deal, Ray Davies, Jeff McDonald, Donald Duck
> RDukeOfURL:   from eideva
> Question:     Who would play you guys in the made-for-TV movie about the band?
> RDukeOfURL:   ronnie=danny goldberg
> WeDaMuffs:    Jeff Goldblum as Ronnie,  Joe Pesci as Roy, and Jennifer Anniston
> as Kim
> RDukeOfURL:   from cabecky91
> Question:     kim-who would win a fight, you or courteny love?
> WeDaMuffs:    Me Cuz I'm younger, fiestier, and I don't do heroin.
> RDukeOfURL:   from piper631
> Question:     What music have you been listening to lately ?
> WeDaMuffs:    Count Basie, The Beatles second album, Ronnie says
> Sleater-Kinney.(Of Course)
> RDukeOfURL:   from rmcdow463
> Question:     do you shop at the Gap??
> WeDaMuffs:    Hell, no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> RDukeOfURL:   from gidgetgrr
> Question:     Vanilla, chocolate or strawbery.
> WeDaMuffs:    VANILLA-Kim. Chocolate-Ronnie.
> RDukeOfURL:   from smith6867
> Question:     Kim, are you influenced by early 80's Joan Jett? You
> scream much better and louder than
> Question:     she ever did.
> WeDaMuffs:    Wow! I love Joan Jett. She has a great voice. I'm glad she broke
> away from that horrid Cherie Currie.
> RDukeOfURL:   from acepayne2
> Question:     Which do you like more? J0/00germeister or Beer?
> WeDaMuffs:    Neither-Kim, Both-Ronnie.
> RDukeOfURL:   from ktutu7737
> Question:     would you guys ever tour with MetallicA
> WeDaMuffs:    It'd bum me out but I know Ronnie would . He'd tour with anyone.
> I'm more picky.
> RDukeOfURL:   from mvmichae
> Question:     Where did you get your start?
> WeDaMuffs:    Our Mama's birthed us.
> RDukeOfURL:   from rexdakot
> Question:     can i get the new record on vinyl or 8-track?
> WeDaMuffs:    Vinyl will be out on Telstar Records, and 8-track will be out of
> my ass.
> RDukeOfURL:   from gidgetgrr
> Question:     Kim.. all of row #13 wants to know if you are bi.
> WeDaMuffs:    I never did it with a woman before, but it doesn't gross me out.
> RDukeOfURL:   from acepayne2
> Question:     Kim: Did you ever get to meet Don Knotts?
> WeDaMuffs:    I wish more than anything. Actually he was our first drummer.
> RDukeOfURL:   from davidjhur
> Question:     Are there an major differences with this album form the others
> WeDaMuffs:    Form?
> RDukeOfURL:   from misalabam
> WeDaMuffs:    It's better.
> Question:     How did you get the name "The Muffs"?
> WeDaMuffs:    We got it in a dream, it came to us on a flaming pie. Be the
> Muffs. and we said ok.And a bolt
> WeDaMuffs:    of lightning struck Ronnie on the head and knocked off his
> glasses, and we knew it was to be.
> RDukeOfURL:   from avlou
> Question:     ARE YOU married
> WeDaMuffs:    Ronnie is married to Lisa Marr. I'm dating Ellen.
> RDukeOfURL:   from rmcdow463
> Question:     you like to surf?
> WeDaMuffs:    We're too uncoordinated.
> RDukeOfURL:   from jackpabis
> Question:     why doesn't everyone love you as much as me?
> WeDaMuffs:    We're stumped.
> RDukeOfURL:   from macfarb
> Question:     Who has the worst B.O in the tour van ?
> WeDaMuffs:     Our former tour manager Ben Mattick.
> RDukeOfURL:   from acrobat21
> Question:     Ronnie, what's your favorite piece of rock memorabilia that you
> own?
> WeDaMuffs:    My KISS velvet painting.
> WeDaMuffs:    Our old drummer Jim has a Glen Campbell bedspread.
> RDukeOfURL:   from rexdakot
> Question:     are you going to have to go on MTV and kiss matt pinheads ass?
> WeDaMuffs:    Matt Pinfield has a beautiful, full, ass.
> RDukeOfURL:   from ninamas
> Question:     Which pro bowlers does Ronnie admire most?
> WeDaMuffs:    Pepper.
> RDukeOfURL:   from acrobat21
> Question:     Since he's not here . . . tell us something embarrassing about Roy.
> WeDaMuffs:    Some butt stained underwear that he left behind in Munich, Germany
> is still hanging in a dressing room
> WeDaMuffs:    Ronnie and I found it and hung it up, with the butt stain in full
> view.
> RDukeOfURL:   ok kids- we're almost out of time.. just a couple more ?s
> RDukeOfURL:   from jackpabis
> Question:     are you going to be really famous after this album
> WeDaMuffs:    You mean we're not famous now??? (Boo hoo)
> RDukeOfURL:   from acepayne2
> Question:     When they do a Muffs tribute album, who would you like to be on it?
> (No, I'm not sure
> Question:     who THEY are)
> WeDaMuffs:    Yuck. No. Beck should do a whole album dedicated to us. BECK DOES
> RDukeOfURL:   from trix84
> Question:     what is your guys favorite song out of all of them...??
> RDukeOfURL:   on the new album!
> WeDaMuffs:    My Crazy Afternoon-Kim, All Blue Baby-Ronnie.
> RDukeOfURL:   ok ok... kim & ronnie: any closing comments?
> WeDaMuffs:    i aeatibg
> RDukeOfURL:   the new record is out may 20
> WeDaMuffs:    hqoiuthnh uiwhujriooiu
> WeDaMuffs:    I like to fart
> RDukeOfURL:   get it
> RDukeOfURL:   and drive radio station crazy!
> WeDaMuffs:    my face is old and fucked up
> RDukeOfURL:   anything else?
> WeDaMuffs:    eat my shorts
> WeDaMuffs:    I am menstrating
> RDukeOfURL:   now now children
> WeDaMuffs:    My cat has ear mites
> RDukeOfURL:   neat!
> WeDaMuffs:    Our record is really cool. You will love it. I do and I'm really
> picky.
> RDukeOfURL:   ok kids... we're outta here! have fun!
> RDukeOfURL:   thanks kim & ronnie
> WeDaMuffs:    Bye, ya'll

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