July 12
Austin, TX
Liberty Lunch
By: Andrew Binovi (abinovi@pergatory.com)

I saw the Muffs on July 12 in Austin. It was a wonderful evening. After great sets by the Groovie Ghoulies, and Chixdigit (who, by the way, seemed to mention Austin or the club in every song, just like they did in Atlanta) the Muffs took the stage. My friends and I stood just a few feet from Kim and dancing and singing along with each song with blissful delight. Some intoxicated guy seemed to take pleasure in both slamming into the young girls around us and heckling Kim. Kim responded by kicking him, much to the crowd's chagrin, and then crushed a Coke can on his head. He seemed to calm down after that. Ronnie's amp stopped working towards the end of the set. He reacted by pulling two strings off his bass and lying down on stage. The problem was fixed, and Ronnie finished the set standing up. We met Ronnie and Kim. They were nice to us and I noticed that they really took time to speak with their fans. There were no rock star egos there that night. I'm looking foward to seeing them when they stroll through Texas again. Too bad Cheap Trick didn't play on this date. That would have made the evening even better.

Andrew Binovi

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