July 13
Houston, TX
By: Orange6640@aol.com (unedited)

I went to a muffs show at Fitzgeralds when they played with Groovy Ghoulies and Chixdiggit and I was right up front jamming out having the time of my life and the bassist guy kicked my friend in the nuts and i yelled Hey my firend got kicked in the nuts and the singer chick who i love so much but whos name i can never remember goes Who got kicked in the nuts and the stupid basist goes Nah I kicked ME in the nuts. Any ways im jamming out groovin to the music and i was really getting into it so into it I pinched a giant nerve in my back IT HURT i had to sit out the rest of the show and i missed the last couple songs BUMMER man i was ticked i had recently got in trouble that night for asking a staff guy to buy me cigarettes So that night was quite sucky but no price is to big to get to see them crazy Muffs play that Wacky music I love so much. THE END

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