July 19
Washington, D.C.
Black Cat
By: John Clark (kapicka@mbox.fsv.cuni.cz)

Started good. Then Kim said "I can't hear my guitar" and did the WRONG thing and turned up her guitar. The rest of the show, the phuckin' loudspeakers (not the amps) were distorting (of the ugly useless kind)

Hey Kim:

WOULD THE BEST GOD-DARNED SONGWRITER IN THE WORLD PUH-LEEZE NOT TURN UP SO MUCH Leave that to the morons who can't write the superior music you write.

Kim got bored at the end, but was a good sport. Ronnie "saved" Kim from smashing her guitar (or pretending to smash it) at the end. Best songs? Well, anything before Kim booted up the volume and the sound mixer decided to not pay attention anymore.

What ever, I love this band,

John Clark
Washington D. C. July 1997

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