July 22
Asbury Park, NJ
The Saint
By: GEETEE3000@aol.com

Well, this was my first Muffs show, having loved the band from the first record. I walked into The Saint just as the Groovie Gouhlies took the stage - they rocked. After their set I began to the girl selling the Muffs stuff. It turns out it's Ronnie's wife Lisa. She was really a nice person. I bought all they had and she got the band to sign a poster for me. So the Muffs came out and blew everone away. I heard everthing I had hoped to and more. during the half hour encore they played songs they said they haven't tried live yet, such as "Outer Space." They also covered an Elvis Costello song called "No Action." When the show was over I walked out of the club and turned the corner and there were Kim and Roy getting some air. I said, "Hey, you folks were great, and thanks for signing my poster." Kim said, "So you're the one who made Lisa so happy buying all our shit." We chatted for a minute but I could see they were tired so I left. It was a night I'll never forget. Great bunch of people.
saying goodbye
rich lakehurst,n.j.

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