July 22
Asbury Park, NJ
The Saint
By: Frank Leone (fleone@earthlink.net)

My fiancee Heather and I saw the Muffs in NJ, PA, and NYC. All three shows were really different but great of course. The NJ show was at a cool smaller bar and the crowd really got into them. It was so esciting to see them in a venue that small again. It was a real thrill to get to talk to Ronnie again and his wife, the nicest woman in the free world, Lisa (We're HUGE Cub fans as well!) We got to say hi to Roy as well. The Philadelphia show was straight out of a 1970's arena rock show. With a huge stage and echoey sound in a huge old factory the Muffs's sound and spirit went over the head of the mostly classic rock crowd but Kim did her best to rile them up and they played a shorter set of mostly slower songs it seemed. The highlight of the show was just hanging out with Ronnie,Lisa, and the Grrovie Ghoulies and Chixdiggit gang. I was glad that the Muffs got to play with their heroes Cheap Trick for their sake. The NYC show felt much more like a big event as the crowd was well primed by the Groovie Ghoulie's blistering hot set. Then they got treated to a warm blast of Chixdiggit love filled power poppunk. By the time the Muffs reached the stage I was ready to collapse but turned it on as did they. The set was LONG and fun. They seemed to be really into it. Highlights included two encores, getting to say hi to Roy and Ronnie and getting to snap a couple of shakey pictures. Unfortunately as with the Philly show a big barracade separated us from the band but not from the seemingly tripping Nut with his shirt ripped off. He insisted on treating me to a sample of his stinkin' armpits as he repeatedly rubbed them in my face around me like he was a carwash and I was a car who didn't want to be washed. All in all among the top ten shows I've seen in my life. The Muffs, Chixdiggit and the Groovie Ghoulies all blew me away!


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