July 23
Boston, MA
Middle East
By: Robert Silverstein (silverst@mediaone.net)

I just saw them play at The Middle East, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was really a great show. I had never seen them before but have been a fan for about 2 years now. Interestingly enough, I bought the album Blonder and Blonder on a whim, without even knowing who the band was... I just liked the cover. I ended up loving it and have been a fan since. Their set was really well arranged, with most of the new stuff early in the night. When they played "Nina", around the 6th song, that is when people really started to get into it. They ended the night with "Agony", as the closer of a 3 song encore. Other songs that they played included:

Red Eyed Troll, Sad Tomorrow, End it all Now, I don't Like You, Big Mouth, Lucky Guy, ... can't remember all... probably about 20 songs total, I would guess. The show lasted an hour (since their songs are so short, 20 songs actually fit in an hour).

Anyway, Kim's stage presence was great, and she had quite the sense of vulgar humor as well, at numerous points, she mentioned her desire for, or lack of sex, and at another point, I am guessing that the knee which she cut had begun bleeding and dripping down her leg, because she announced in the microphone that she was dripping period blood down her legs because she forgot to put in a tampon.


She did all the screaming that she does in the studio, and just as well, except she skipped out on the closing screams in "Agony", I can only guess because it takes a toll on her voice after awhile.

The drummer was phenomenal, by the way... I like to think of him as "Keith Moon, with a sense of time".


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