July 24
Providence, Rhode Island
Met Cafe
By: Bob Tousignant (btousignant@atinc.com)

I saw the Muffs at the Met in Providence on July 24th.

Groovie Ghoulies and Chixdiggit opened and I'll just echo the other comments made on your diary page. Good, solid rawk from Groovie Ghoulies and a somewhat disappointing set by Chixdiggit. I was really looking to seeing them after their album got a feature write-up in Alternative Press magazine. However, the between song arena-rock "Are you guys ready to rock?" patter got to be more than a bit annoying.

I was somewhat amazed that during the Chixdiggit set, Kim came out, ordered a drink at the bar and then just joined the crowd in front of the stage. She obviously enjoyed their set. I thought that was cool. No star-ego...I just wanna rock!

Was lucky enough to be at the left side of the stage right by the dressing room. Great view of the stage. When Kim and Co. took the stage I yelled out "Go get 'em Roy!" which stopped him in his tracks on stage. He turned around to see who it was. I found that a little encouraging to see that they actually will connect with the crowd. Again, no rock-star personas here.

I can never be disappointed with a Muffs show and this was no exception!

Set list :

That Awful Man
Lucky Guy
I Need You
My Crazy Afternoon
Oh Nina
On And On
All Blue Baby
I'm A Dick
Saying Goodbye
Right In The Eye
Sad Tomorrow
Crush Me
Red Eyed Troll
Big Mouth
Ethyl, My Love

(Not sure of the 1st song, Lisa Marr came up and joined the band though)

I'd been screaming for Agony a couple times during the set so was real pleased they played it.

After, I walked into the dressing room and got the set list autographed. Despite Ronnie's stage antics with the spitting and all, he's very approachable.

I like the way they signed the list :

Roy: I love (done with a heart) the east!
Ronnie : this is my writing (referring to the set list)
Kim : I am injured (referring to a recent backstage scrap with Ronnie that called for a number of stitches in her knee)

Kim was real nice when I mentioned that I saw her name listed as providing background vocals on an old Del-Lords record. She said that that was with the Pandoras. "Oh my God...we were awful!"

I'll end by saying that everyone (here, at least) knows about Kim's great songwriting, but I still maintain that Roy brings a lot to this band with his great drumming. See him live!

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