July 25
Philadelphia, PA
Electric Factory
By: SQFB32C@prodigy.com (JEFF HATHAWAY)

The Muffs are my favorite band, I decided after seeing them. They had always been one of my very favorites but after seeing them live, I knew they were. They thrashed through their set playing all of my favorites. They played with Cheap Trick so there were only about twenty Muffs fans there, the rest were there for Cheap Trick. then after they were done playing, the roadie gave me their set list and I waited around until after the show was over and i got all of the Muffs autographs. I talked to Roy for about twenty minutes and sat through an interview with him for a Philly 'zine called Corraline. Then I talked to Kim for about ten. They were the coolest people. They saw i had bought a shirt and they apoligized for it being so expensive, (the club where they played had a set minimum cost) and gave me some stickers to make up for it. Roy told me they almost didn't sell them because they were so much. Not only did I get all their autographs on the set list, I got Kim to sign the shirt I bought. It says "Sorry it was $20 love, Kim." They are great people and cool to hang out with. If the Muffs come to your town or any town within 200 miles of where you live, see them at all costs. sneak out, break parole, whatever! they will blow you away! I promise.

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