July 25
Philadelphia, PA
Electric Factory
By: David (newnownews@geocities.com)

I went to the Cheap Trick Muffs show at the Electric Factory in Philly. It was a great show and a great night. Me and my band barbequed, jammed and fueled up so were were feeling good when we got there. It was LOUD. The Muffs were tight and sounded great. I've seen them every they play in Philly. They always deliver the goods. I love Kim she is the best. I talked to Kim briefly at the bar after their set. Talked about the band, the new release, Gretsch guitars (which I also play) and The Muffs Page.

Then Cheap Trick came on and the sounded good. But their set lost steam midway through the set mainly because of song selection. During the set Ronnie and Kim stood in front of me. So After a Cheap Trick song I yelled out "We want the Muffs" and Kim looked at Ronnie with a face that seemed to say did you hear that. When she turned around and saw it was me she laughed and pinched my face. Had to be there type of thing I guess. All in all the Muffs were great and cant wait to see them again. And I will just keep wishing that one day me and Kim become good friends.


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