July 26
New York, NY
By: LLLWELLYN@aol.com

I'm from Baltimore, saw the Sunday 7/20 show at the 8X10, which is a small club here. It was all ages, lots of little lesbians, and respectable turnout for a Sunday nite in this apathetic town. All three bands kicked ass, except Kim seemed like she was in a pissy mood, probably becasue of the shitty sound system. They did a lot of poppy stuff and her voice sounded good. The next weekend i happened to bee in NYC and saw the tour was at Tramps, so i went; missed the Groovy Ghoulies, but the Muffs set was fuckin' rock rock rockin' Much sweat was shed and they did 2 encores. They used to be one of my favorite bands and now are definitely at the top of the heap.

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