July 26
New York, NY
By: Edmund Hansen (hansen@interaccess.com)

What a lucky kid I am! After banging my head up against the wall because the Muffs show in Chicago was 18+, I was lucky enough to catch them while I was in New York City on vacation. They kicked ass.

The Groovie Ghoulies opened up with (as usual) an energetic and powerful set. I was surprised to see that Heather wasn't there. B-Face from The Queers played bass and Danny Panic formerly SW (Screaching Weasel) and Riverdales played drums. Though I don't own any of their albums the Groovie Ghoulies have always played rad live shows.Very cool.

Then Chixdiggit came on. What can I say, I don't really like them that much but I have to give them credit they really can get an audience that likes them going.

Finally THe Muffs Came on.I have never seen the Muffs live before and they completely blew me away. IT seemed to me that everyone was singing(screaming) along with Kim. They managed to play material from all three of their albums and some older stuff too. Though you kinda hear the absense of Melanie, all around I would have to say they were fantastic. They had 2 encores which they said they had never done before, and it seemed like nobody wanted to leave. This was probably one of the best shows I have ever been to.

***I talked to Danny Panic after the show and he is no longer a member of SW and the Riverdales Because Ben gave Him an ultimatum not to do anything with Lookout! Records. Im not sure if this has changed since I talked to him. He is now a permenant member of Groovie Ghoulies.

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