July 30
Columbus, OH
Little Brothers
By: "Michael J. Durian" (skat@erinet.com)

Hey all! I traveled the hour and a half all by myself to make it to this show to see the Muffs and I was happy I did. I was up in Columbus kind of early and I got in early enough to see the Groovie Ghoulies soundcheck. Well, the show itself didn't start until like around 9:45pm which is about the time the Ghoulies took the stage and they kicked some major butt! Full on punk energy is what I got and I'm going to be getting some of their stuff in the near future. I really didn't care that much for Chixdiggit but they sounded okay. Well, the Muffs came out and put on an amazing show. Kim's vocals didn't sound well but the crowd didn't seem to care which was cool. Everyone was pogoing and singing along to their great songs which included songs from all 3 of their albums. They played stuff mostly off the new record along with doing some of their favs from the previos 2 and I wasn't disappointed. After the show, hung around for a little and got to talk with Kim, Ronnie and Roy for a bit and they were all extremely cool. I had them all autograph my cd booklets of all their albums which was cool. I got some photos of them playing live which was cool also. Definitely worth the lack of sleep I got and I hope they make it out here to Ohio again soon cause I'll definitely be there.

mike durian

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