August 2
Chicago, IL
By: Ronald W Ivanjack (

On 8-2-97, I was fortunate enough to see the Muffs twice. They did an in-store performance at Reckless Records in the late afternoon. They played for about 30 minutes. I stood right in front of Kim and when she asked for requests, I was happy that she picked mine (Honeymoon). Before they went on, I met Ronnie and Roy. They walked right through the store and no one knew who they were. Roy signed the last two albums for me and we talked shop about drums a little (i.e., I'm a drummer). After the show I talked to Ronnie a little and he signed my albums. After doing an interview, Kim came out and signed the albums and a pick I had gotten at their show two years earlier. I thanked her for playing Honeymoon and she said I hear it twice today (no problems here). I guess they like signing autographs with a sense of humor. Roy's said, "I love the Bulls". Kim's said, "I Am Sweaty".

We got to the Metro at 11:30 and were fortunate enough to find room in the front row (lucky for me, right in front of where Kim would stand later). I enjoyed the Groovie Gouhlies more than Chixdiggit. The Muffs played their usual tight, energetic show. Memory fails me as to an exact set list, but they did open with Nothing. All in all, they did 9 from the new album, 6 from Blonde and Blonder and 5 from the first album. They also did two non-album tracks, one of which Kim said was new but the way they joke, who knows. They did two brief encores and ended the night with Stupid Jerk.

Ron Ivanjack

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