August 3rd
Minneapolis, MN
7th Street Entry

First, I've loved the Muffs since hearing Blonder & Blonder at a Tower listening station when B&B was first released. I couldn't wait to go see them in Chicago (my home) three years(?) ago, but I got drunk at a friend's picnic and completely forgot the about the show. Doh!

I was primed to see them this year, but was crestfallen when I saw that their Chicago appearance occured on a Saturday when I had to be in Minneapolis to manage a facility relocation for my company. My disappointment turned to joy when I saw that the Muffs played Minneapolis the following night!

I got downtown about half an hour before the doors opened, so after parking the car, I walked to a nearby magazine store (Schinders is a Minneapolis institution, more about that in a minute). Imagine my surprise when I bumped into Kim and Roy walking through the next door lot.

It was really strange seeing two of my rock & roll idols in person. Based on articles I'd read and a bootleg video, I had all kinds of preconceived notions. Kim would be a bitch and Roy would be the quiet type.

As I walked by, I simply said, 'Really looking forward to the show tonight guys'. Both Kim and Roy gave the most pleasant smiles and said thanks. It was a simple moment, but so cool. I momentarily regretted that I left my promo single of Sad Tomorrow in the car (hoped to get it signed), but realized it was just cool to say hi & not bug them.

After spending a couple minutes browsing at Schinders, in walks Ronnie. A perfect Muffs hat trick! On my way out, I also greeted Ronnie and told him I looked forward to the show. He said thanks, but he seemed kind of dazed. After watching him onstage, it seems like that's his natural state. Nice but dazed. Kind of nice to know Roy, Kim and Ronnie aren't the stereotypical self-absorbed moody rock stars.

Anyway, the show was a blast. I didn't have high expectations based on the bootleg video I had seen, but they were great live. Kim was the obvious center of the show, but Ronnie & Roy really held their own on stage. I was about 3 people back from the edge of the stage in front of Ronnie, and he was hilarious. A couple of times, he pushed some obnoxious stage-side guy's head into his crotch. You had to be there, but it was funny. Another time, he perched himself on top of a speaker on the edge of the stage, balancing precariously over the audience. When Kim noticed him, she grabbed him and threw him back onto the stage. It was obvious that she didn't think it was very funny.

7th Street Entry is a small bar, and it was packed. Some losers tried to start a mosh pit, so there was a lot of pushing and shoving, but it was the best time. Kim gave a great performance, but she didn't seem particulary happy and didn't chat much with the audience.

A couple interesting moments; the lead singer for Chixdiggit informed the crowd that he caught Kim urinating into their dressing room garbage can. Ronnie also mentioned that he had caught two members of Chix naked in their dressing room after their set. Kim asked if that's why he was wearing his bass so low.

Anyway, I also managed to arrange my travel schedule to see the Muffs in St. Louis at the Side Door the night before last. Another great show! More on that soon, including the set list.

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