August 5th
St. Louis, MO
Side Door
By: "Wendy Brasses" (

Well we arrived late but just in time to see the Muffs (that's really all we came for). The band came on rockin'. The drummer poured water on his cymbals so when he hit them the water would splash all over the place. Not to mention he juggled his sticks perfectly. During the middle of one song Kim stopped to talk to the crowd about Beatle Bob and how he dances... and about the time they came to St.Louis and played at Mississippi Nights. Everynow and then people would shout stuff to her and she would respond. Everyone in the crowd was either dancing or bobbing along to the music. It was great. The bassist really semed to get into the music and they all looked like they were having a great time. But i'd have to say the most entertaining thing I saw was how the drummer wailed on the cymbals leaving this beautiful ring in my head.

The concert rocked!


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