August 11th
Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)
Starfish Room
By: Teika Olson (

Just got in the door from seeing the band play at the Starfish room. Yep, they rocked! It must have been 130 degrees in there, and we had to endure the antics of some obnoxious drunken dancing cow who felt obliged to show her diaper-like underwear to the audience.... oh, and Kim suffered the horrors of another unwholesome girl's saliva in her eye.... but other than those minor mishaps, the show was more amazing than anything else I've ever seen.

My roommate, who was also at the show, wishes to express her sincere apologies to the band on behalf of those two aforementioned ... er... persons - not all Canadians are that EVIL. So please, please, please, Muffs come back to Vancouver soon!!

Thanks so much for a great evening!

Teika & Carla

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