August 13th
Portland, Oregon
By: Jeff Williams (

Actually Thurs. morn. at 12:10 a.m. Played till about 1:25.

Unquestionably the best show I have seen in 17 years.

Met Kim and Roy - First Kim across the street at the 21 club whereby I bought her and her entourage a round of drinks and introduced myself. We talked about Hiwatts briefly. She looked just like her pictures (surprise!) and was very nice and friendly.

Not wanting to go in for the opening bands, I waited till she left the bar, knowing it was go time, and went across the street. Met and chatted with Roy, a very nice and polite fellow. I complemented him on his Moon-like drumming, whereby Kim commented that he was a "sane Moon". Roy mentioned how fortunate he felt to be with such a great group.

They started pretty much when they said they would. I don't remember many of the songs except Lucky Guy, Ethel, Sad Tomorrow (this fuckin' song sounded like a freight train!!), Red Eyed Troll. As much as I love their records, their live show was just so indescribably great. She handled one or two hecklers with amazing eaze and brutality. They had to leave, being completely embarrassed and shamed out of existence. When seeing them onstage you realize how critical the chemistry between Ronnie and Kim is. It does make the band. I didn't think Roy's drumming could get any better than last year, but I think it was. Kim was a bit worried about how the mix would sound, but I assured her that with a full house the sound would be great. While not perfect it was damned good and nothing to complain about. She said the Seattle show, while great, was claustrophobic (if they don't open up the walls, which they can, at the Crocodile room, it's damned cozy in there....).

You could tell they were enjoying themselves greatly up there, since their sound was down so perfectly. They just steered the ship, and there it went. I think they surprised themselves how damned great it sounded. It was totally validating to hear them play so great and know that till the day I die, hard, fast, punkus raucous is the only way I will take my music. All other music is for wimps and losers.

Their encore consisted of what Kim said was the "first song I ever wrote". Something about "the man with the " something or other. Help me out here, oh Muffs fans!

I noticed a lot of people in the audience, while being a raucous but well-behaved one, were apparently hypnotized. They knew they just saw the best show most of them will probably ever see. They kind of looked like they were watching an alien spaceship landing. They had just never seen anyone rawk so goddam hard and they were clearly getting a lesson in how to get their rock and roll asses kicked all over the place.

Need I say more? If you're about to see 'em down in CA, you're in for a great treat! They should be #1 in the nation and all other worn out, pussy bands should be sent to the glue rendering plant.


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