August 15th
San Francisco, California
The Fillmore

Caught The Muffs at the San Francisco show on Aug. 15. First saw them opening for Veruca Salt at Edge in Palo Alto almost two years ago, and was incredibly impressed. I had come in after the band started, so I felt like I did not have the complete Muffs show experience and wanted to see them again, prefereably as the headliner. (Incidentally, Veruca Salt was terrible, one of the worst headliner bands I have ever seen.)

After that original show, I researched the Muffs, and discovered that the leader, Kim, has a member of the Pandoras. I did not know anything about the Pandoras except they were incredibly profane and obnoxious when they did an interview for my grad school's radio station, KSJS.

Missed one previous visit by the Muffs since then, but when I saw they were coming to the Fillmore, I had to go. Never been to the Fillmore before, in spite of it relative closness (50 miles from San Jose), its history, and the good bands that often play there. Heard that it was in a bad neighborhood, but that was not the case and it worked out great.

Came in half-way during the Chixdiggit set. They were entertaining but not stand-outs. Lot's of humorous banter about how much they love SF.

Muffs came out at 11:00pm. Kim looked great, just as I had remembered her from that first concert. I am not familiar with the new album or the early stuff, so I was waiting to hear songs from Blonder and Blonder. The opening songs were probably from the new album, they were very good. The crowd was pretty well-behaved, but when the Muff cut loose, so did they, with a mosh-pit up front. After about 5 songs I did not recognize, they dod Oh Nina, Sad Tomorrow and I think On and On back to back (I am not sure about the order). Probably did about 15 songs total, including Agony during the encore. Encore had about 5 sings so they must have liked the crowd.

Great show, hope they come back to SF Bay Area real soon!

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