August 21st
Costa Mesa, California
Club Mesa
By: Brent Dunnam

I arrived really late at Club Mesa, a little bar in Orange County, because I didn't want to wade through 2 hours of the Groovie Ghoulies and Chixdiggit. I caught the last two songs of Chixdiggit and then Kim and the Muffs came on. I usually stand in the front row but I didn't want to be in front of the main speakers this time. All the Alicia, I mean Gwen, I mean Kim wannabe chicks were in the front row anyways. I think they started with Agony and right off the bat some jock throws a handful of flower buds or something in Kim's face. She of course cussed him out. It was so cliche and matter of fact how this guy just walked up to the stage, threw the stuff, and then walked away. It looked staged but probably wasn't. People just love to get a reaction out of Kim. About two years ago I was at a show in Long Beach at Foothill and this guy was asking Kim to show him her tits and stupid stuff. She walked towards him kinda sexy taking off her guitar like she was gonna do it, and then she just slammed him with her guitar right in his shoulder. He was right next to me in the front row. The security jumped on him and threw his butt out.

The rest of this show was going off as usual but uneventful except for the idiot who spilled beer all over me. They didn't end with Big Mouth as they have every other time I have seen the Muffs. They played it second to last. After the last song Roy signaled to the sound guy that they were done. There would be no encore tonight. Maybe because the crowd was kinda lame or maybe they are tired from touring. I was stoked though so I headed the half hour back to Yorba Linda. The Muffs are my favorite band and the best to see play live. Brent.

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