The Muffs'FAQ

Version 2.1
July, 1998

 1. Who are The Muffs?

 The original lineup (until June 1993) for the Muffs consisted of:

The lineup for the Muffs since April 1994 has been: Kim adds:


"Jim Laspesa is who we got right after Criss quit in June 93. He worked out great on a bunch of big tours. We learned some of the Blonder songs with him but they weren't working out as well as they did when we got Roy in April 94."
2. What happened to Criss?

 Kim said, in an interview with BAM Magazine:


"I'd always wanted Roy (McDonald) in the band; he was our first choice," says Shattuck. "But he was living in Texas, and kinda out of it, so he recommended Criss Crass, our first drummer. Criss was a great drummer and he sang great backups, but he was such a pain in the ass--so obnoxious on and off stage. I couldn't take him anymore. So we got Jim Laspesa from Green Jelly. Jim was fantastic at first, but when we were learning the songs for the second record, he was too restrained. Then we found out Roy was coming back to LA, and we called him. And the rest is history. I guess everything works out after all."
Kim adds that Jim Laspesa and the band are still great friends.

 3. What happened to Melanie?

 Kim said in an interview with BAM Magazine:


"I would like to set the record straight: Melanie quit. She quit because I wanted to play all of the guitar parts on some of the songs on the new record--there were parts she couldn't pick the rhythm up on. She said that if she couldn't play on every track, she was out, so... Someday I hope we can be friends again, but we haven't really spoken since she left and joined the Leaving Trains."
4. What's the connection between The Muffs and The Pandoras?

 Blair Buscareno writes:


"One guy wrote that Kim was an original member of the Pandoras... not so... she didn't join until some time before Stop Pretending (Rhino) came out in '86 (she may have joined in '85, I dunno). Melanie joined in '84 (right before she turned 18).

 "The band started in LA in the early 80s, fronted by Paula Pierce. They recorded some stuff for Moxie, then did the It's About Time LP for Voxx. And the group broke up... for a while there were two Pandoras... one with Paula and one without. Paula persevered. This group actually made it to NYC to support It's About Time (1984). By now Melanie was in the band and the 'Hot Generation' 45 came out. Some time after that, I think, is when Kim joined...

 "The Pandoras developed into more of a hard rock group as the 80s went on... meanwhile, Kim started writing songs. Melanie was playing keys and Paula decided the band no longer needed them (even tho' Melanie was one of her best friends)... when a European tour fell thru, Kim decided it just wasn't worth it anymore and quit... Kim doesn't much like to talk about the Pandoras these days."

The Muffs also covered a Paula Pierce song called "You Lied" on a 1993 Warner Bros. promotional CD.

 5. What's the connection between The Muffs and White Flag?

 Kim Shattuck and Ronnie Barnett played on several 45's from the band White Flag. Kim sings on some songs as well.

6. Is Kristen Shattuck, listed in the credits for Blonder And Blonder, Kim's sister? Does she have a band of her own?

 Kim says:


"She's my younger sister who is 16 right now [early 1997] and shes the coolest person I know. She sang the lower harmony on 'I Need a Face' off [Blonder And Blonder] and she sang on our recent just finished record on a song called 'Is It All Ok.' She's only in high school so she doesn't have a band."
Kristen graduated from high school in June, 1998. Maybe she'll be in a band now?

7. What did Steve McDonald (of Redd Kross) do on Blonder And Blonder?

 Steve McDonald sang backing vocals on "Become Undone," which was recorded at sessions for the Blonder And Blonder album, but not released until the "Sad Tomorrow" single.

 8. Which are Kim's favourite bands?

 Kim says:


"I love the Kinks and I was on a huge Kinks kick when we did [Blonder And Blonder]. Everly Bros. too. The Beatles, The Who. The Pixies, The Amps, The new Weezer album, Ornette Colman, Charles Mingus, Dean Martin, Redd Kross, Cub, The list goes on."
9. Have the Muffs appeared on television (outside of music videos)?

 The Muffs appeared in a pilot for an hour-long series called Crosstown Traffic.

 Chris Reutz writes:


"It took place in Hollywood and it was about 3 young undercover cops who worked in the Hollywood music scene. Their chief was played by Tone Loc.

"Anyhow, the plot involved a psycho guy who was obscessed with killing Kim Shattuck. This guy invented a mechanism that could eject a gun from under his sleave into his hand so he could get close enough to shoot her. The pilot featured [lip-synched] live performances of a few songs...They performed 'Agony', 'On and On', and 'End It All'."

Jim Whyte writes:


"I finally saw the Crosstown Traffic pilot that the band was was BAD. I mean really, really bad. If The Muffs had been given speaking parts they would have been the best actors on the show...

 "There's a guy that wants to kill Kim (though they never establish a reason or anything). There's actually a lot of footage of them (well, mostly Kim - you can barely see the other two) - the whole show runs 45 minutes, and a full 4 minutes of that is shots of The Muffs on stage. It's pretty weird, it seems like they had some time to fill so they just stuck in a bunch of band footage (which was fine with me, of course. It might have made more sense to use the time to develop the plot a little more, but by that point it was pretty much a lost cause anyway). The opening sequence is all Muffs, too. They show the psycho's hotel room, covered in Muffs posters, while 'End It All' plays."

The Muffs appeared in the pilot to the TV version of Clueless, lip-synching "Sad Tomorrow" at a school dance.

 A Fruitopia commercial featuring "Everywhere I Go" began appearing in May, 1997. A second commercial began running early 1998

 In June 1997, The Muffs appeared in a Drew Carrey HBO special.
Kim elaborates:

It has us, The Reverend Horton Heat, Wayne Newton, David Cassidy, and more. Go figure THAT lineup. It was a trip doing it. Drew Carrey plays a Vegas club owner called Mr. Vegas and it's a sort of variety show type thing.
10. Have the Muffs appeared in any movies?

 Kim was to appear in Romy & Michele's High School Reunion, but was cut out.

 Kim explains:

Me and Ronnie went to the screening of Romy and Micheles and I was really worried that I was gonna look godawful. Well it got the that scene and I was so relieved when I discovered that I was cut out of the movie. So were a lot of other scenes. I can't tell you how GLAD I was to not be in that movie. . .

 OK, here are the long lost lines I had to say.(My "characters" name was Dana, don't ask me why.)
(To Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow in a crowded disco club with lots of dancing geeks)
(Dana runs up the them) Dana: "Oh terrific! Do you guys got a condom I can borrow?"
Romy: "Borrow?!? eeeew!!
(They give me one and scoff loudly) and later in the scene Dana (Poor me) comes out of a bathroom stall with her are around some geeky dance club guy, makeup smeared
Dana: We love each other! (and walk out of the bathroom.)

 So I'm really glad it didn't come out!

The Muffs appear in Fathers' Day starring Billy Crystal and Robin Williams.

 Kim talked about the film about two monts before it was released:

The Fathers Day producers want us to submit another song as well, so I'm going into the studio tomorrow to mix "Crush Me" down to a format that they can use on the movie. That makes 3 songs now [the other two were "That Awful Man" and "Nothing"]. And I think they already cut some of it already. I ran into the directors son recently and he said that the footage of us looks really rocking. I'm too afraid to see it. I probably look terrible. . .
It seems like they were fiddling with the lights a lot. Oh god I just remembered that we had stand ins for that. (I'm pretty sure it was this movie) and the girl was tall like me, but she was sorta built with big bones. Ronnie's stand in was a short bald man. THAT I don't understand. Ronnie is a tall curly haired guy. I think Roy's guy was just average Joe America. I wish I had pictures of that.
11. What's "Eye To Eye" about?

 It's been suggested that "Eye To Eye" is about Kim and Melanie's split with The Pandoras and Paula Pierce.

 12. How can I contact The Muffs?

 The current address to contact the Muffs:


PO Box 291957
Los Angeles, CA 90029
The Muffs maintain a mailing list from the address

 Reprise Records also has an official web site at

 13. Where can I get Muffs records, merchandise, etc.?

 Some indie mail-order companies have the Muffs early 7-inches and compilations for sale. One such is "Sessions," which I got a catalog for out of a recent issue of Alternative Press.

 SubPop is not currently selling the "I Need You" single.

 Several Internet dealers are selling the "Sad Tomorrow" import single featuring non-LP tracks, "Goodnight Now" and "Become Undone".

 Sometimes, Muffs items show up in Goldmine ads (I have personally seen the red vinyl Blonder And Blonder and a Warner promo CD-5 for sale there).

 14. Wasn't Kim on a NOFX album?

 Kim sang vocals on the NOFX song "Lori Myers" on the Punk In Drublic album.
Kim has also done work with Wayne Kramer (on The Hard Stuff) and the Fastbacks (bridge vocal on "Old Address of the Unknown" off Answer the Phone, Dummy).

14. Why are there no lyrics in The Muffs' albums?

 Kim says:

"We decide what goes on our records and never wanted to put lyrics on them because bands from the 60's never did. (Until the cheesy late 60s) And the same goes for thank yous. We just say thank you to people in person."
15. What's with the "Fred-boy" line in "Ethyl My Love"?

 Kim says: "The fred-boy line always cracks Ronnie up and if you ever see us live, you will notice that when I sing that part we usually both look at each other and he cracks up everytime. These lyrics are among the dumbest I have ever written, but it was a rip-off of an early Pandoras type song so I guess it's appropriate."

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