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From: Claude []
To Kim: Will there be any chance of a Pandoras reunion???
Kim's reply:
Yeah, we're all just waiting for Paula to rise from the dead. Even if she did, I won't do reunions.

From: fitzpatrick [fitz@lamar.ColoState.EDU]
Hey! I was just wondering, there seems to be a glut of female musicians/artists lately, I must say that I'm utterly unimpressed with most of them (ala Alannis Morisette...or A-lame-ass More-or-less as I'm fond of calling her). Do you find that you get lump-summed into the "girl-band" catagory at all? If so, do you feel any particular need to assert yourself as not being part of that mass of look-alike girl-bands? . . .Thank you so much for your time in this, I'm anxiously awaiting the new album, keep up the excellent effort! Yow!

 Ben Fitzpatrick
raving Muffs fan

Kim's answer:
I never fit in to anybodys anything. From the first day I was born, until the day I die, I have always been into my own thing. I don't think we get put into the girl thing that much, except for the fact that I am one and I write all the songs, so they're in a female point of view. Yeah, I agree, I don't like Alanis or most girly voiced girls. I do like Veruca Salt, Cub, that dog, and countless others, though.

From: "Sharon Holm" []
Is there, in the band's opinion, a "biggest Muffs' fan of all time" out there??? Someone you deem worthy of being "crowned"???
Kim says:
Hi Sharon! (She's the coolest) I guess the King of Boston is probably the one royal fan that we have. We bow to him.

From: "Greg B.-E." 
Dear Kim...Would you ever consider doing a duet w/ Joe King from the Queers...I think your voices are quite compatible!
Kim replies:
Yeah, I love Joe. I've never heard our voices together, but he has a damn good one, thats for sure. I just did a duet with Dr. Frank from the Mr. T Experience. The old Elton John/Kiki Dee song "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"

From: George [']
Dear Kim,

 I love your guitarplaying. I've seen you in Jersey, NY, PA., and DC. Excellent shows all of them. I have just a couple of questions about your recording methods.

 1.When you go into the studio to record a song, how many guitarparts are worked out in pre-production and how many are spontanious acts of god?

 2.On the average how many guitarparts do you record per song? (Your songs always sound so big and fat).

3.How much input did Rob Cavallo have on the actual parts you played, or did he deal mostly with the sound recording, and good take - bad take kind of thing.

 My last question is not so much a matter of fact kind of question but this: How do you feel when you see bands like Hole, Green Day, Rancid, Offspring and all the other "poser MTV shit freaks", who don't have a fraction of your musical sensability, and most especially your writing ability, getting the recognition you deserve?

 Thank you: George Snow

Kim sez:
1. Ususally I figure out the guitar parts when I put them down on my home 8 track, right after I write the song. Then when we do our pre-production, traditionally it's just the band who is there, and we play everything as a trio, so I only work on one part. Then in my head I usually have other guitar parts in mind, and sometimes I try them out with the guys to make sure they work. But yeah, a lot of mistakes get kept and a lot of dicking around and spontanious ideas happen.

 2. It's because we are so big and fat. Its usually 2 Rhythm (One on each side) and 1 solo.(Up the middle) Sometimes more, sometimes less. (Hint: Less is usually more) (Hint 2: Put them up really loud ALWAYS)

3. On the first 2 records, he came up with some really good ideas, usually pertaining to where to place the guitars in the track and sound stuff, which is really hard to do, I found out this time. and I was always pestering him to get the guitars more mid-rangy.

4. I think everyone who has good songs and a good band should have recognition and I don't begrudge anyone's success. Besides, we DO get recognition. It's just not the MTV kind. Its the more lasting word of mouth kind which is way more preferable to me.

From: "Garrick L. Wallstrom" []
Any idea what's happening with Waterdog these days?
Are they still together, planning a release, etc. ?
(Waterdog went on tour w/ The Muffs some time ago.)
Kim replies:
I haven't heard anything about them for a long time. They are a nice bunch of guys.

here goes.....
1. Most embarrasing item you own/owned? i once bought a leif garret 45 of surfin usa in jr. high and a grl from school saw me!

 2. are childrens beauty pagents really necessary?

Kim's answers:
1. I'm not embarrased by anything I ever bought.

2. Yeah, how else would psychotic parents get their jollies?

From: meredith
hey- i have a picture of you giving me a headlock on my wall right now-- i'm sure you don't remember me, joe king's lobster party 2 years ago?? whatever, anyway, that's not my point. do you guys occaisionally play smaller (like ones with a capacity of 150) venues??? just wondering, cos i'd love to see you play in my hometown of portsmouth...
love meredith
Kim says:
Wow, how jock of me. Ronnie's usually the one who does head locks. We sometimes play record stores and those can be quite small.

From: The Diabolical Beatmaster B []
kim, is it true that courtney love thinks you are trying to copy her? if so, i must say she is a moron, because first off, your music sounds nothing like her shit, second off, you have way more fuckin talent and creativity and thirdly, lots of grrrls have blonde hair...your music is amazing, i don't hear the Queers covering any of Hole's music.
love, becky
Kim answers:
Courtney has said to various people that we know that we are trying to copy her, but she says it about everybody so I don't take it personally. I don't have a baby and I don't do heroin. That's pretty good for starters.

hey muffs. 1st off, i am one of the boys who jumped the fence in 1995 at the Tuxedo Junction show in danbury CT to meet you guys. it remains the raddest experience of my life. i talked to ronnie at a cub show in september and he said that you'd be playing CT (the tune-inn specifically) in february. whats up with that??? also, i cannot find the new 7" anywhere. how much is it direct from Sympathy (bad question i know)? last but not least, will you (you= kim aka my fucking hero aka most stylish chick in rock n roll) do an interview fer my fanzine? its called Fly Pink Hair and its fer cool teenage rock n rollers and the first issue has ruth ruth, yum yum tree, stories about my satanic high skool, etc. it does not suck like most zines, i promise.

 dont stop rawkin, yo


Kim's reply:
We never said that we would play that date in February. I don't know what that's about. Our 7" is on Sypathy for the Record Industry and their address for ordering records from them is in any Flipside Magazine you can get your paws on. Yeah, I'll do an interview for your fanzine.

From: jennie []
kim you rock so much
we love you and yes of course we are taking you for a raspberry margarita whem you come here. our band is tuuli. our page is at it's pretty cool because you are in our favourite band! xoxoxox and we want to know what kind of amp you think we should get (you know how some boys are in guitar shops but don't get us wrong we're not femmi-nazis). we would like to have your sound cause it makes us happy. and because of you we feel a lot better about the fact that our set is only 27 minutes when we are supposed to be on for 45. people get pissed but what can you do when you live in a shoe? our songs are short and sweet you know? we love you muchly! xoxoxo love and shamrock shakes,

 jennie claire swain and julia

 t u u l i

Kim says:
Yay! Short sets are way cooler. People get pissed at us all the time too, but I always ask them, which would you rather have? An hour and a half of mediocre shit, or 45 minutes of only great songs. I can't stand there all night and listen to every song that a band knows. I 'd rather just hear the best songs.

My Favorite amps are: HiWatt 100, Fender Bassman, Fender Deluxe, and a Wizard. The Wizard is new and loud as shit and has a really pure, warm tone. (You can get the other heads used or reissued new and they're the same sounding. (Hint: New amps hardly ever break down and old amps almost always do and the price usually isn't that different.)

From: (Rodrigo Daniel Kothe)
Are you a Ramones fan? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I can dig some influence of The Ramones in your songs... (especially in 'blonder and blonder', a record which I love, BTW).
Kim says:
I'm probably influenced by some of the same influences as the Ramones were. I like the Ramones a lot, but I feel like I'm more influenced by the mid sixties and my love for loud guitars and melodic tunes than anything else.

Dear Kim, do you mind when people you don't know tell you how beautiful and brilliant you are? I was talking with you and the guys after a show in D.C. and I was too shy to say much. I was afraid of sounding like a dork. Also, I couldn't come on to you because I love my wife. Anyway, maybe I could paint you (I am an artist).
Kim's reply:
Well first of all, thanks, because I love compliments (who doesn't). Second of all, don't say anything dorky and you won't sound like a dork. Third, I hate when people come on to me because I see right through it everytime. (I am not frigid, trust me, but I don't take candy from strangers.) and fourth and last of all, I probably wouldn't be able to sit still long enough to be painted (I am fidgity) but do it from a photo where I am able to be still.

From: Greg Blake []
Kim--what do you think of courtney love? have you ever been influenced by her?
Kim answers:
I like her a lot as an entertaining human being, and I think she's really funny, but as far as music goes, I think we are and always have been very far apart. Both our bands do rock though and our respective shows usually turn into spectacles of some kind. She's influenced me to never do heroin, ever.

From: Mason Fox []
Kim, I LOVE YOU! Will you marry me??? I met you when you played Phoenix last time with the Queers and I got your autograph. It is the pride of my collection.
Kim replies:
Wow, I love being loved. Thanks.

From: Donna S Cook []
Hmmmmmm........let's see:

 Who will you probably be touring with for your upcoming album in 97?
Will most of the shows be all ages?
What do you think about the guys from NOFX?
Would you possibly be playing in Houston or Dallas on the next tour?
Could you possibly come down to Nacogdoches Texas?
Thanks for letting me take up your time.
-Junior Mint

Kim says:
It looks like we will be touring with Nurfurter, and the Groovy Ghoulies from July 8th to August 22nd, all over the US and Canada for now. Probably Europe, Japan and Austrailia later.
NOFX are a fine combo.

Kim --
How did you get to be so BEAUTIFUL?! You are GORGEOUS {i think that is spelled right.}
Well, you guys rul... KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!!
Kim's reply:
Yeah, you spelled it right.

From: erikw []
Dear Muffs:

 I play drums in bands & Roy is so encouraging. The way he plays is such a motivational thing for me. I try to approach drumming with his level of energy & enthusiasm. Even if its a pretty ballad, I want the parts to just kick everyone in the head & not be ignored! He plays the perfect note at the perfect time, like Phil Rudd from AC/DC, only Roy has the chops from hell! I just don't see how he can do it every night for a whole tour. The man is driven!

 Question: What are you (all) listening to lately & what do you listen to for inspiration? I know this is probably a lame question, but I haven't seen it answered anywhere & I'd really like to know. I listen to stuff we write so much, it'd be nice to get some other records to expand a little.

 Rock on,

Kim replies:
Actually, Roy inspires me too. I'd been a groupie of his drumming since1985. And that was 2 years before he was in Redd Kross. I write songs with his drumming in mind all the time. As far as what music I listen to, I'm very selective. I really like the new that dog record called "Retreat from the Sun" and "Show World" by Redd Kross. The Amps are great, The mid 60's Kinks, especially the song "This is Where I belong". The Pixies first 3 albums, The Beatles early stuff, Ornette Colman, Charles Mingus, Dean Martin.

Because the Muffs are my favorite band, I value your opinion: What are your 3 favorite bands, besides yourselves of course? And what do you think of Gas Huffer, my second favorite band? Can't wait for the new CD and hopefully a visit to San Diego!
Kim sez:
Yeah, I love Gashuffer. We played with them in Europe a couple of times and we played kickball with them in Seattle. They rule.

 Ronnie and Roy listen to a lot of different stuff. They have good taste, but I'm definately the most selective and critical of the three.

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