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From: "David Gage" (

I just had a couple of trivial questions for you and the band. First: what, out of all the places you and the band have played at, what, besides your hometown, was your favorite place to play at. Second: which band did you like touring with the most.

Hopelessly lost,
David -Sacramento, CA
Kim replies:
My favorite club? Theres a lot of good clubs. My favorite cities to play are New York, Montreal, Seattle, London, San Fransisco and Spain. (I know Spain is a country, so sue me)
I loved all of the bands we toured with. Especially cub, Veruca Salt, the Queers, the Fastbacks, and Figdish. I know I'm probably forgeting somebody but I'm too tired right now.

From: Misery (

My friend and I are on the internet (of course) and we want to know what " Oh Nina " is about. And is there a Muffs fanclub?
Kim's reply:
Oh Nina is about a transvestite who is so convincing that he fools straight men into going out with him and they never have a clue. Of course this is a fantasy because personally, I can always tell that it's a dolled up man. Just write our PO BOX for info [on the fan club]. The address is on the inside of Blonder and Blonder.


Q: When (IF EVER) are the Muffs gonna come down to Nashvile (tn) and say HI? It's really not THAT BAD down here, and there are lots of kids that NEED the wonderful corruption that the MUFFS can provide. pleez pleez come to nashvile someday. I miss LA as well as dha muffs.

Q: do the muffs have a permanent email address? i would like to be able to write you peoplez without having to lick a nappy stamp! Anyway...

LAST Q: If you do come to nashvile, do you need a whoopinboy/opener? I would be happy to provide my services very cheep. i am just a small fuzzpunksingsong player and would like to support similar acts worldwide. thanks for yer time.

thanks. john (from nashvile, tn)

Kim replies:

1. We'll probably come to Nashville on our next tour. In fact on our spring'95 tour with Veruca Salt, Nashville is the place where I accidentally broke my favorite guitar in half. The same guitar was also broken in LA, Vancouver, and West LA. I still use it.

2. The boys do not own computers. Ronnie is actually terrified of them.

3. When we go on tour we like to have a complete show with us. In otherwards, the bands on the bill are traveling with us on the entire tour. Every once in a while the promoter of whatever venues might put a local act on first if they want 4 bands on the show insted of the usual 3. So the key to getting on one of our shows or any other touring band is to ask the [local] promoter, not us.

From: Rich Illman (

I am the lead singer of a band with 3 guys. You are my hugest influence. What I want to know is how can you scream for so long? for example in Ethyl My Love (my faborite song by you guys, btw) and in I Need You (a cover of ours) there are a scream in each of those which I've only been able to duplicate about 1 in 10 times trying. Any secrets in maintaining a powerful scream like yours (and mine!) the way you do?

2. when you're writing a song, how do you come up with such complicated chord changes that fit the vocal melody so well (as in Agony and Lucky Guy)? Do you try to do them both at the same time or do you do one first, then the other? I am amazed.

3. do you guys do any drugs?

4. would I need your permission to record a cover of yours, even if I make the tapes myself? (to sell) without a record label's help, that is

Kim wrote:

1. I really don't know how to tell a person how to scream. Maybe I should put out one of those lame how to videos and call it Scream along with Kim. PS. A scream doesn't need to be loud to be powerful. That's probably how I do them for so long.

2. I usually make up the melodies at the same time I make up the chord changes. Sometimes I just hear it in my head, and sometimes I just figure it out with the guitar and a tape recorder. It also helps that I only like melodic music. Hint for all: Never listen to mediocre music for prolonged amounts of time. It's bad for good songwriting.

3. No. Drugs are for people with too much time on their hands and no self respect.

4. I never ask permission to cover other peoples songs, so it's fine with me. Just make sure when you do a cover that it's a way better version than the original or it's not worth it.


what's your favorite guitar? (if you have a favorite one, that is)

thanks a whole heap,
jay phillips

Kim responds:

My favorite guitar is my solid-bodied Harmony guitar from the early 60's. It has the best neck of any I own, and it only cost $75, but I don't play it because I needed a fuller sound when we became a three-piece. I may go back to using it though, even though I once read a show review that made fun of my "toy" guitar. Asshole.


Anyway, Questions... questions...ah, got a couple

To Kim - What is your long range goal for the band & or your music?

To Ron - Are you writing any music?

To Roy - How many sticks do you go through in a show?


Kim responds:

My long range goal for the band is to keep making records I like, play a bunch of amazing live shows, and make enough dough to pay the rent for years to come.

(Can I answer for Ronnie and Roy? I can't call them while I'm on the internet and I know most of the answers.)

I've written all of the music and lyrics so far except "I Need You" and that was me with the song and Ronnie with a major re-arranging of the song. We share equal credit on it. I wish they did write some of the songs, though, because then it would be easier for me.

Roy goes through a tremendous amount of sticks.

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